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 Hygiene at the highest stage!


Medicleantec is ideal for all cleaning tasks on all floors, surfaces, materials, and especially in hard to reach places.

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Maximum hygiene by micro steam - huge reduction of germs and bacteria by high pressure and heat up to 200 ° C (392°F)!
No chemicals - no detergent residue, pores and streak free!

Field of applications:

-All smooth and rough floors (plastic, stone, wood, marble, tile, laminate, ...) and surfaces (plastic, stainless steel / stainless steel, wood, leather, textiles, carpets, curtains, ...)
-Glass surfaces (windows incl. frame, mirror, etc.), tiles, cabinets, furniture, door handles, door frames, blinds, fly screens, radiators, toys, ...
-Sanitary facilities, sink, toilet, urinals, faucets (facilities), showers, baths, sinks, ...
-Treatment beds and - chairs, doctor armchairs, examination and surgical instruments, wheelchairs, walkers, devices, spittoon, joints, corners, edges, ...
-Kitchens, treatment rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms, offices and reception rooms, sauna, play areas, leisure facilities, laboratories, cold storage facilities, elevators, animal cages, ...

Benefits of dry (micro) steam:

-Maximum hygiene and cleanliness
-Environmental and health protection - no chemicals or detergents
-Reduce / eliminate germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi, etc., by heat up to 200 ° C (392°F)
-Reduce costs by saving on cleaning agents
-Loosening and removing grease, detergent residues, stubborn dirt, ...
-Hygienic, pore-deep cleanliness of all smooth and rough surfaces
-Removal of unpleasant odors in sanitary facilities, kitchens, etc.
-Dry-clean (with little moisture through micro steam) for sensitive wooden / parquet floors, textiles, etc.
Application examples from practice and Before / After – Pictures:
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