CSE Clean Solution GmbH was founded by Josef Bachleitner, Mag. Frank Schreier and Rudolf Lemmerhofer. The first product sold was the solar-powered compactor BigBelly® Solar which is produced in the USA. Rudolf Lemmerhofer discovered this compactor and showed entrepreneurial vision. 


First implementation of BigBelly® Solar in large cities, municipalities and shopping centers.


Participation at APH Environmental Ltd. and development of the ecobug® cleaning range. 


CSE Clean Solution GmbH has the exclusive, world wide distribution rights for the brand and products ecobug® manufactured by APH Environmental Ltd.


The latest innovation is the so called ecobug® cap, which differs highly from its predecessors. Together with our production in Wales we have instantly developed the cap to its final look. 

BigBelly® Solar and ecobug® cap entered McDonald's.


aufstieg geschichte

Expansion of ecobug® cleaning products to North America.

CSE Clean Solution becomes a member of the so called "climate alliance". We commit to the protection of the world's climate. Hence, as a member we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our source.

ecobug® cap awarded with the Intergastra Innovation Prize in the category Property and Facility Management.


160 BigBelly stations deployed in the city of Hamburg - many German cities successfully using the BigBelly system.

The 5th Generation of BigBelly systems was introduced at the IFAT in Munich in May this year.

CSE & Ecobug on a successfull path - customers in entire Europe are supplied with Ecobug Cap.